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Scrape Walmart content like product data, search results, images, and more using ProxyCrawl

Walmart might be a familiar brand as a massive American retail corporation with mostly brick-and-mortar stores. However, as a result of its modern era transition, Walmart’s online product database has grown immensely to compete with other e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay.

So, if you are looking to extract various product information for data mining or other purposes, Walmart’s vast inventory can be of great value. But how can you easily access and download such data without getting banned? ProxyCrawl is the answer.

Scrape Walmart index pageScrape Walmart index page

The all-in-one solution for your data collection needs

We created an accessible and affordable platform that will allow anyone to benefit from the vast information the internet offers.

Crawling API

Use our Crawling API to get the complete HTML source code and scrape all the content you need for business.

Screenshot API

Take a high-resolution image of any Walmart content using the Screenshot API. if you want to keep track of any visual changes.

Cloud Storage

Running out of storage space? Send your crawled pages straight to the cloud with the ProxyCrawl’s Cloud Storage.


Migrate to the Crawler with asynchronous callbacks to save cost, retries, and bandwidth for your massive projects.

Stop worrying about proxies, maintenance, and downtime

Each API request will go through our pool of thousands of rotating proxies worldwide that can easily bypass all obstacles when scraping website data. ProxyCrawl will handle your connection to the website so you and your team can focus on extracting those needed data for SEO, market analysis, product listings, etc. Our team of dedicated engineers is constantly monitoring our vast network of proxies to ensure the stability and efficiency of our API 24/7.

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Crawl and scrape Walmart
Scrape Walmart search results

Scrape millions of Walmart content with unlimited bandwidth

With ProxyCrawl, you can always query fresh data. You have the option to retrieve the full HTML source code or get the scraped content instead. You can also execute normal API requests or switch to JavaScript rendering when needed and utilize our wide range of parameters to further enhance your scraping capabilities.

Extract as much data as needed from Walmart’s massive online inventory without bandwidth restrictions. We guarantee to deliver the most accurate data results possible.

Start crawling in minutesStart crawling in minutes

Simple yet highly scalable API for everyone

Utilize the API by itself to crawl Walmart product pages, or integrate the base part to your current system and start scraping millions of pages automatically.

Compatible with any programming language. Including free-to-use libraries for Python, Node.js, Ruby, PHP, and more.

Get your API authentication key by signing up and try your first call with just a simple cURL request:

Terminal code WalmartTerminal code Walmart

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the rate limit of your API?

The default rate limit for most websites is 20 requests per second. However, if you need to scale it up to meet your production needs, you can easily contact us to discuss your rate limit increase.

What happens if my request fails?

We have a very high success rate in most cases, but in the event your request fails, you can simply retry the call as failed requests are not charged.

Is it possible to have my API request geolocated from a specific country?

Yes, you are free to pass our API’s country parameter on each of your requests. By default, you will have access to 27 countries.

How do we scrape the next page of the search results?

The user will need to use the pagination of each website. For Walmart SERP, you will have to pass the parameter &page=2 in the URL to get to the second page. For more information, please contact our support team.

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