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Scraping DuckDuckGo

It is very hard when you need to develop your company but first you are required to scrape a huge number of DuckDuckGo search pages, you will face many difficulties as long as you are not allowed to access the data that is important to you, DuckDuckGo will block your requests and will start giving you many errors and CAPTCHAs that wastes a lot of your time, so you need to keep changing your servers for the ability to access the information you are looking for.

With our smart API you will have more free time to manage the data being crawled and you can focus on what improves your company to bring new clients.

Securely crawl DuckDuckGo search result pages

In order to keep getting the data for your projects by scraping DuckDuckGo pages, you should be an anonymous crawler without knowing your IP.

Using our impressive network of worldwide rotating proxies helps you avoid all the block restrictions without worrying about any residential proxies. Get your data safely NOW!

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Scrape millions of DuckDuckGo SERP pages worldwide

With ProxyCrawl, there is no domain limits for crawling, you can crawl data not only from but also from any country.

Start targeting international customers from all around the world with worldwide proxies. We are here to make sure that your data always comes updated wherever you are.

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Simple API for DuckDuckGo search results with instant validation

Are you ready to take advantage from our fast API for crawling DuckDuckGo pages from developers to developers ? Here you Go!

We provide an endpoint, and you make calls to it easily. Goodbye CAPTCHAs.

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