Duolingo Scraping and Crawling

How to properly scrape millions of Duolingo learning pages

Duolingo crawling

If you are required to scrape millions of Duolingo public pages for the development of your business, you will find many difficulties. Duolingo will not allow you to access these data and will start giving you many errors and CAPTCHAs, and you need to keep changing your servers and infrastructure in order to be able to access the information you are looking for.

With ProxyCrawl API all of these hassle disappears and you will have more free time to manage and handle effectively the data being scrape. Get your web scraping game on!

Securely crawl Duolingo language courses pages

Being an anonymous crawler helps you avoid all the block restrictions that prevents you from scraping Duolingo pages.

Get all the data that you need and we are here to make sure you are in safe.

Computer programming

Scrape millions of Duolingo user profiles worldwide

If you need to keep getting fresh data from Duolingo users, profiles, languages, repositories, user profiles etc. You are in the right place!

With ProxyCrawl and query, your business is always up-to-date with the latest versions by scraping fresh Duolingo data. We are agreeable with any programming language. Scraping with Python, scraping with Node, scraping with Ruby. You are free to use any programming language with our Duolingo API. We work hard on keeping your data fresh wherever you are.

Duolingo Bird

Easy to use API for Duolingo course listings with instant validation

Our Crawling API is not only secure, but also it's extremely fast. Are you ready to crawl Duolingo pages ? Lets Go!

We provide an API, and you make calls to it. That's it, no extra steps required.

terminal code for duolingo

Start for free and scale when you need it

Simple payment method

For small and big projects (see pricing)

No long-term contracts or commitments

Pay as you use. Stop anytime

Completely free to start

First 1,000 requests are completely free

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