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How to scrape Glassdoor companies and reviews

Glassdoor Scraping without captcha

Crawling Glassdoor jobs, companies and reviews can be necessary for your business for various reasons. Glassdoor offers an API to get search results, so why scrape Glassdoor anonymously instead of using Glassdoor API? The main reason why developers scrape Glassdoor companies and reviews anonymously with tools like the Crawling API of ProxyCrawl is because Glassdoor API is very limited in terms of data returned which makes projects not able to easily get all the data they need.

At ProxyCrawl we let you focus on your business needs. Our Glassdoor crawling engines and Crawling API are powered with an artificial intelligence system that is designed to take the heavyweight from your application, and let you collect all the data that your business needs to succeed while scraping Glassdoor. Building and growing your company is what will matter now.

Scrape Glassdoor companies worldwide

With ProxyCrawl, you are not restricted to a specific region to view pages. You can crawl any other Glassdoor domain like, .es etc. Scrape glassdoor company reviews and job listings.

Find jobs worldwide, scan the offerings, and find which companies have the most paying jobs today. We will take care that your data always comes fresh regardless of your servers location.

Scraping Glassdoor Search

Easy to use API for scraping Glassdoor

Proxycrawl Crawling API and Crawler are exclusively built for scraping which means you can easily scrape all Glassdoor pages you need in minutes.

We provide you the API endpoint, you make requests to it. That is all.

Crawler API for Glassdoor

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