Success Stories

At Intel we need data at scale. ProxyCrawl has helped on our data demands allowing us to crawl billions of documents in a short period of time.

Jeremiah Norman
Jeremiah Norman

Data Operations Asia

We've been using ProxyCrawl for several years now to help us power parts of our aggregation pipeline with some key information that we wouldn't otherwise be able to get through traditional means.

Peter Vermeulen
Peter Vermeulen

Chief Technical Officer

ProxyCrawl helped us scale our data scraping needs in a fast, easy and cost effective way.

Patrick Gouy
Patrick Gouy

Chief Executive Officer

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We believe in data and we strive for customer success. Our customers grow their data needs lowering their costs.

Use Case: "Crawl YouTube videos"

Yahoo search resultsYahoo search results
Chris Johnson
Chris Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

Used for collecting jobs and projects

Even during the most difficult economy, ProxyCrawl has helped UpscaleMethod consistently provide the best jobs and projects for Web designers and Digital Agencies around the world. Thanks for providing such a solid service!

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Use Case: "Crawl blog posts to create summaries"

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We are constantly developing new strategies to find the most relevan content for our users. With the need of billions of data entries, we need a reliable supplier of such data and we found ProxyCrawl being one of them. The integration of their API and Crawler is very easy and takes few minutes for any experienced developer.

Mike Kenneth
Mike Kenneth

Senior Developer

Youtube Channels

We are writing content on multiple languages and multiple platforms constantly at LG and we've found that crawling other blogs allows us to have a broader vision on what the market is writing about.

Edmund Ryder
Edmund Ryder

Senior Data Analyst

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Use Case: "Scan websites to test for problems"

Loftie Ellis
Loftie Ellis

Chief Executive Officer

This is how PageWatch uses ProxyCrawl to test their clients websites

ProxyCrawl helps PageWatch to test sites that would otherwise be very difficult to crawl, and helps us be more confident in the results we pass on to our users.

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Crawl product data at scale and quickly grow your business

Computer dashboardComputer dashboard
Nick Luger
Nick Luger

Chief Technical Officer

ProxyCrawl helped us scale

ProxyCrawl makes collecting all of this data incredibly easy. It dramatically simplified the crawling and scraping process. Instead of handling proxy management, infrastructure and dozens of ever-changing re-captcha-systems ourselves, we delegate to the simple but powerful ProxyCrawl API and just get the problem solved.

ProxyCrawl lets us focus on our mission: Help people make informed and sophisticated decisions and pick the right thing quickly and easily, without having to wade through hundreds of products, reviews and websites themselves.

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Use Case: "Crawl LinkedIn profiles to create resumes"

I can say that your crawler has worked very well for me. It does exactly what it's supposed to do and I haven't seen any problems with it.


Chief Executive Officer

Love ProxyCrawl since we started using them



I was lucky to find your tools which helped our research in behavioral marketing that demands huge amount of data.

Jonathan Pascual


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Success facts of ProxyCrawl

Start crawling and scraping websites in minutes thanks to our tools created to open your doors to internet data freedom.

Human workforce

Save 50% human workforce

8 out of 10 companies save more than 50% on human workforce by switching to our proxy-free crawling solutions.

Queue System

Get rid of queue system

Companies that move their queues to our Crawler cloud infrastructure, completely get rid of their queue system avoiding unnecessary bottlenecks.

Customer Support

24/7 customer support

Easy to use crawler API built from developers to developers. Bypass block and captchas and scrape any website without maintaining infrastructure.

Save time

Save up to 200 hours

Save more than 200 working hours per month from your teams by using our built in scrapers.

Save money

Save up to $8500

In average our clients save more than 8500 USD per month on proxies which is 50% of the money you already spent on proxies.

Avoid risk

Avoid risks

1 out of 20 companies in the USA gets sued every year for accessing public data. Avoid risks using our completely anonymous Crawling APIs.

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