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Reddit is one of the largest websites in the world. This social platform was launched 15 years ago and has become more popular than ever. As of 2020, there are more than 430 million monthly active users worldwide. Those who understand the value of data knows that it is a literal gold mine.

Scraping Reddit posts, pages, and subreddits

If you are planning to scrape Reddit, you should know that it is a difficult task and comes with a high cost especially scraping large amounts of posts and search results. In most cases, you’ll find your scraper being blocked and will need to keep changing algorithms that, in return, will cause you more time and effort than necessary.

Using ProxyCrawl can help you obtain the information you need with ease. Scrape Reddit posts and subreddits fast and reliably with virtually zero downtime.

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Securely crawl millions of Reddit search results

Our API is built on top of thousands of residential and data center proxies worldwide combined with Artificial Intelligence so you can anonymously scrape Reddit pages, posts, and subreddits. ProxyCrawl can effortlessly avoid CAPTCHAs and has the best protection against blocked requests.

Get data for your projects without worrying about setting up proxies or infrastructure. We will take care of that for you with guaranteed delivery of the best data results possible.

Crawl and scrape Reddit

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For beginners and experts, for small and big projects, for users and developers. Our API is so easy to use you can start scraping Reddit in minutes.

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Reddit APIReddit API

The flexibility of the product allows companies to integrate the API on existing infrastructures with minimal effort. If your business needs fresh data from Reddit, you are in the right place.

Get Reddit posts, comments, URLs, usernames, and much more.

Use our Crawling API to get the full HTML code and scrape any content that you want.

Take a screenshot of an entire Reddit page on any screen resolution if you wish to keep track of any changes easily with our Screenshot API.

Send your crawled pages straight to the cloud using the ProxyCrawl’s Cloud Storage.

For huge projects, you can use the Crawler with asynchronous callbacks to save cost, retries, and bandwidth.

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