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Scraper API handles parsers, proxies, browsers and automatically scrapes the web for you.

Built for developers, Scraper API is backed by an AI data extraction and anti-blocking system.
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The easiest way to scrape data

Scraping website data

If your business requires data, Scraper API will provide data scraping for it. Applications of Web Scraping.

E-commerce scrapers for business intelligence, price analysis, review extraction and any other need for your business.

Available Scrapers

Find ready-made scrapers for your web scraping or crawling project.

Scraping Amazon data
Amazon Scrapers

Get price, title, availability, description, images, reviews and offer listings and much more information for any Amazon product.

Get structured SERP and formatted best sellers search results from Amazon.

Scraping Google data
Google Scrapers

Get structured search results from Google including main sections (ads, related search results, people also ask, snack pack).

Scraping Facebook data
Facebook Scrapers

Extract public group name, description, images, feeds and their corresponding comments with other details from Facebook group pages.

Get structured and formatted Facebook page details.

Extract profile name, profile & cover images, work & education, friends count and other profiles with similar names.

Scraping Twitter data
Twitter Scrapers

Get tweet data including profile details, media, tweet text, retweets info and all replies details from Twitter.

Scraping Instagram data
Instagram Scrapers

Get post and profile details including media, hashtags, captions, location and their corresponding replies from Instagram posts.

Extract posts details from hashtag pages.

Scraping LinkedIn data
LinkedIn Scrapers

Extract Profile experience, education, activities, publications, volunteering, and all other profile sections from LinkedIn.

Get Company description, employees' main details, locations and many more details from LinkedIn.

API for scraping data

Unlimited bandwidth

Don't worry about scraping massive pages, the bandwidth goes on us.

Scraping and crawling servers

Stop fixing scrapers

Our artificial intelligence fixes the scrapers for you, so your business never stops.

Scraping and crawling servers

Easy to use Scraper API

An API made from developers. Quickly start in less than 5 minutes.

Scraping and crawling servers

Built on top of ProxyCrawl infrastructure

With more than 17 data centers around the world, ProxyCrawl handles scraping data from worldwide locations and many different websites

We have one of the largest networks of proxies which will take all the load of your projects.

Learn how ProxyCrawl handles scraping.

Proxy Cloud Servers
Cloud servers
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