Crawling and scraping Google Search

How to scrape Google results and how to crawl Google

Google Scraping without captcha

When it comes to scraping search engines, Google search engine is by far the most valuable source of data to scrape. Google crawls the web continously in the aim of providing users with fresh content. Crawling Google search results can be necessary for various reasons, like checking site rankings for SEO, crawling images for machine learning, scraping flights, jobs or product reviews.

Google offers an API to get search results, so why scraping google anonymously instead of using Google API? The main reason why developers of companies scrape Google search results anonymously with proxies or serp APIs like the Crawling API of ProxyCrawl is because Google API is very limited in terms of data returned and its very expensive which makes the projects that need data from search engines not able to afford the costs of making their projects available for others to use.

Why companies build projects that depend on search engine results? Is mainly because companies find interesting ideas that can be useful to the internet and they see the data available on the web so they try to cluster, categorize and synthesis data to make great products that are useful for the web for many niches and topics.

Google by far uses the most advanced bot detection algorithms to block automated requests and presents web scraping applications with CAPTCHAs of different versions to continue to the search page and many times it just returns permission error pages with no possibility to move forward. Google does this with a highly powerful artificial intelligent technique. Try to crawl google from one IP for few minutes and you will receive a CAPTCHA page, try to do this more of times and the IP you are using is either blocked for few hours or days or for always.

Why Google does this against web scrapers? Obviously Google dislikes web scrapers even if Google itself has one of the biggest web crawlers besides Yandex. Google tries to protect its search engine with the best security engineers and techniques available on the internet as search result pages of Google is the most valuable product that Google works on since several years besides YouTube, as those products are mostly used for Google Ads and acts as the most rewarding source of income for Google.

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Scraping Google Search

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