Facebook Scraping and Crawling

How to properly scrape Facebook pages

Facebook scraping and crawling

Scraping Facebook public pages might sound easy, but is not really if you need to scrape thousands or millions of pages per day. Facebook will block your requests with errors and captchas. You will need to start adapting and improving your infrastructure in order to be able to keep getting those precious pages.

With ProxyCrawl all of this hassle disappears and you can focus on what really matters, building and improving your service and your company.

Scrape Facebook profiles and groups worldwide

You are not restricted to profiles.
You can crawl anything from Facebook, pages and groups.

Take your project worldwide and start targeting international clients from all around the world. Explore new fields like ad verification, brand protection, seo monitoring. Let your business grow, we will take care that your data always comes fresh regardless of your servers location.

Facebook international

Massively and securely crawl Facebook profiles, pages and groups

Scrape Facebook data while being anonymous and bypass ip blocks and captchas by using our easy API

Get data for your projects without worrying about proxies or infrastructure

Facebook scraping cloud

Easy to use API for Facebook scraping and instant validation

Start crawling Facebook in seconds, thanks to the easy to use API built from developers to developers.

We provide you an endpoint, you make calls to it. That's it, no extra step required.

Easy to use Facebook Crawler API

Start for free and scale when you need it

Simple pricing

For small and big projects without hidden fees (see pricing)

No monthly or long-term contracts

Pay as you use. If you don't use, you don't pay

Completely free to start

The first 1,000 requests are completely free

Get started for free, no credit card required