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Yandex N.V. is currently the largest technology company in Russia that offers various types of products and services. They are best known for their Yandex search engine and other services like Email, Maps, and browser. Currently, they are holding the number one spot in terms of market share in Russia, beating Google by a few percentages. So, there is no surprise if you want to get your hands on those valuable data. However, if your business requires constant access to Yandex pages, you may find it increasingly difficult to scrape due to hindrances like CAPTCHAs and IP blocks.

Proxycrawl API vs Yandex

That being said, ProxyCrawl understands what exactly is needed to enhance your workflow significantly. We provide the best tools to avoid block requests, proxy failure, and captchas while trying to crawl Yandex pages. To ensure that every request is a success, our API is built on top of thousands of rotating proxies around the world. Together with our most advanced Artificial Intelligence, our platform will be your one-stop solution for all of your scraping needs.

Access public data securely from Yandex Search Engine Results

Our API is built on top of thousands of residential and data center proxies located all over the world to ensure your crawler will stay anonymous, all while effectively bypassing blocks or CAPTCHAs that Yandex will constantly throw at you.

Easily integrate our API into your existing system so you and your team can quickly start extracting valuable data from Yandex search results.

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ProxyCrawl is perfect for beginners and experts, small and big projects, casual users and developers.

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Use our Crawling API to get the complete HTML source code and scrape all the content you need for your business.

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Take a high-resolution screenshot of any Yandex pages if you want to keep track of any visual changes with our Screenshot API.

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Running out of storage space? Send your crawled pages straight to the cloud using ProxyCrawl’s Cloud Storage.

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For huge projects, you can migrate to the Crawler with asynchronous callbacks to save cost, retries, and bandwidth.

Scrape Yandex Pages

Scrape Yandex pages efficiently with no compromises

The API can be used not just for Yandex SERP but also with Yandex products like the map and browser. We have built our API to handle each request as accurately as possible. With a default rate of 20 requests per second and an average response time of 4 to 10 seconds, our API is considered one of the fastest in the market.

Crawl and scrape Yandex

Send any API requests with minimal effort

Our products are designed to be highly scalable. Utilize the API by itself and crawl individual Yandex SERPs, or integrate the API base part to your current system and start scraping thousands or even millions of pages in a short amount of time.

Get your API authentication key by signing up and try your first call with just a simple cURL request:

Terminal code YandexTerminal code Yandex Mobile

Frequently Asked Questions

Instead of extracting the HTML source code, can I get the scraped content using the API?

Yes, our Crawling API comes with the optional generic data parser for Yandex. If you wish to see the actual results, we recommend testing it using your free requests after signing up.

Is it possible to have my API request geolocated from a specific country?

Yes, you are free to pass our API’s country parameter on each of your requests. By default, you will have access to 27 countries.

The default rate limit of 20 requests per second may not be enough. Can we increase that?

You may contact our support team if you require a higher rate limit so we can evaluate your use case and scale it up to meet your needs.

We already have a scraper built for Yandex, but we need proxies to avoid IP blocks and captchas. Can we still use your API?

If your app can perform HTTP requests, then you will be able to integrate our API. You have the option to use the base part with any programming languages or use our SDKs and libraries for easy API integration.

Supporting all kind of crawling projects

Used by the world’s most innovative businesses – big and small

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  • H&M scraping
  • Pinterest scraping
  • Zurich scraping
  • Nike scraping
  • Yahoo scraping
  • University scraping
  • Interactive brokers Scraping
  • Oracle scraping
  • Samsung scraping
  • Standford scraping

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