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Leads API crawls the web and extracts trustful company emails for you

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  • Response
  • Request
  • [
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "name": "Target Company CEO",
        "accuracy": 98,
        "sources": [
        "email": "[email protected]",
        "name": "Target Company CTO",
        "accuracy": 95,
        "sources": [
  • curl https://api.proxycrawl.com/leads?token=PRIVATE_TOKEN&domain=target-company.com

Trusted by many different companies

The easiest way to find company emails

If your business requires company emails, Leads API will provide emails for it.

Call the Leads API and get access to trustful emails for your targeting campaigns.

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Find emails

Leads Finder

Not a developer and looking for leads? Leads Finder provides you emails from just a web link without having to code anything. The best no-code solution.

Just type the domain and search for leads. You can export leads to json and csv code as well.

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Leads finder

API for finding business leads

Collect leads from companies in minutes with our set of tools created to open your doors to internet data.

Email Accuracy
Email Accuracy

Leads API extracts emails from more than 1000 pages where your target company is found online.

Personalized Leads
Personalized Leads

Our artificial intelligence makes a good guess on who can be the contact person to reach.

Bulk Import
Bulk Import API

An API made from developers with focus on bulk calls. Quickly start in less than 5 minutes.

Valid Leads

Stop worrying about non working emails. Get validated company emails from trusted sources.

Leads data includes work position, emails, names and other important attributes for your marketing outreach.

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Fresh leads
Extract emails using ProxyCrawl Leads API

Now you can extract up to 10,000 emails in one call

No need to send multiple calls to retrieve thousands of leads. We have developed a way to make this as easy as possible.

Get your job done with just one simple request by specifying the number of emails to extract.

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  • 100 credits (upto 1k emails)
  • Fresh Leads
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  • Extended Lookups
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  • 2000 credits (upto 20k emails)
  • Fresh Leads
  • 5 API Concurrency
  • Extended Lookups
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  • 5000 credits (upto 50k emails)
  • Fresh Leads
  • 10 API Concurrency
  • Extended Lookups
  • Premium Support
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  • 10000 credits (upto 100k emails)
  • Fresh Leads
  • 20 API Concurrency
  • Extended Lookups
  • Premium Support
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*1 credit is consumed every 10 emails per domain

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Why ProxyCrawl Leads API

Leads API will give you only existing and quality leads. No more struggling to find which leads are still valid or not working anymore.

ProxyCrawl Leads API crawls the internet for valid leads so you don't have to do so. Just provide the domain of the company you are targetting and let Leads API do the hard work for you.

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Happy customer stories


By using ProxyCrawl products we have manage to fully outsource the leads find process not having to do any manual work on the finding of possible company leads decreasing our manpower.

Tahir Roman
Tahir Roman

Lead Marketing


At Amazalia, we are in constant look for Amazon leads and using Leads API from ProxyCrawl helped our company find them in an automated way.

Veronica Keenan
Veronica Keenan

VP Sales

B2 Harrier

Our engineers are constantly looking for ways to improve our company workflows. Luckily with ProxyCrawl tools we have managed to increase our capabilities without increasing our costs.

José Maldonado
José Maldonado

Director of engineering

Supporting all kind of projects

Used by the world's most innovative businesses - big and small

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