ProxyCrawl is all about data freedom

We are here to make the internet accessible for everyone

We care about data. All our team loves the freedom the internet gives to access anything at any time. That is what we want to share and provide to the world.

ProxyCrawl Team

About us

ProxyCrawl is a company developed by a team of software professionals passionate about data freedom, algorithms, machine learning, and their implications toward structured and unstructured data.

Our mission is to provide an easy way for developers and companies to access internet data. We are passionate about data and want to share this enthusiasm with the world.

We aspire to be everyone’s gateway to data freedom. That is why we created a platform that will allow anyone to benefit from the vast information the world wide web offers.


clients all over the world


remote employees


founded on April 2nd

Our products

ProxyCrawl is one of the leading crawling and scraping platforms in the market. We have built our APIs on top of millions of rotating data center, residential and mobile proxies from all around the world. We make these products accessible and as affordable as possible to enable our users to extract any data they needed with ease.

ProxyCrawl Products

Our Principles

  • Our idea from day one has been to create, produce and serve a super-easy way to access data.

  • We strive for efficient, uncompromised, sincere, and exceptional service (as close to perfect as possible).

  • We aim to be the best platform to find data for everyone. We aspire to be considered the best place to scrape and crawl the web.

  • We are excited about building strong relationships with everyone we interact with: our customers and our community.

  • Community is extremely important to us, and we are an active part of the open-source community.

  • We communicate lavishly – with our customers and within our organization.

  • Our service does not end with sales. We provide extensive customer and technical support whenever and wherever possible.

  • We are continuously learning and making improvements to our products and our company as a whole.

ProxyCrawl Principles

Trusted by more than 50,000+ companies all over the world

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Meet ProxyCrawl Customers

Meet our customers

Our products are loved and supported by the world’s most innovative businesses. In return, ProxyCrawl never stops to improve and develop products and services that will benefit everyone, be it for small or large enterprises or startups and individuals.

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Our culture and values

Passion. Focus. Success.

We are a team of passionate individuals that wants to make an impact on the world. Our purpose is to provide the best products with extraordinary value to our customers.

Inspired by GitHub and GitLab

Our organization encompasses remote teams that share a common goal with an unwavering resolve to achieve technology-driven innovations.

Human-centered organization

We provide a caring, genuine, free-spirited, and culturally diverse environment. Our time-management implementation is geared toward work-life balance and maintaining each of our employees’ health and wellness.

We are connected

Good communication is always the key to success, both in business and life. Collaboration is an integral part of our workflow that allows us to share our expertise and overcome challenges.

We are a team of experts remotely connected from all over the world

As part of being remote, we do not have a single office or workplace. Our team members are distributed in different locations and time zones worldwide, collaborating remotely from shared workspaces, small offices, homes, coffee shops, and open spaces like nature and parks. Our freedom enables us to be more creative and productive in everything we do.

ProxyCrawl Global Team

Job Openings

Want to join our team?

We are constantly growing and looking for new team members to join our worldwide remote team.

  • Remote senior/junior ruby software engineer

  • Remote senior/junior node software engineer

  • Remote senior PHP software engineer

  • Senior cloud administrator

  • Remote technical support

  • Remote sales representative USA

  • Remote sales representative Asia

  • Remote customer acquisition specialist

If you think you can fit in our fight for data freedom, feel free to send us your CV at jobs [at] proxycrawl [dot] com

ProxyCrawl Team

Say Hello! to ProxyCrawl

We like to know more about your project, so feel free to send us a message.