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Crawler seamlessly handles data pipelines, proxies, queues and javascript browsers for you.

Regardless of how difficult the data to crawl is, Crawler makes sure it never comes short.
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Crawler and scraper
Cloud servers

Crawling big data for your business needs


Easily add crawled data to your products without managing proxies, infrastructure, queues, captchas, blocks, retries, etc.


Push website urls as required and receive crawled data to your desired webhook endpoint.


We handle all queues and schedulers for you. Just call the asynchronous API and start getting scraping data.


We literally support millions of different websites.

We support millions of other websites, just give it a try.

Built on top of the Crawling API

ProxyCrawl Crawler, works asynchronously on top of the Crawling API, so you won’t lose any functionality by using Crawler to scrape worldwide websites.

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Scraping API and Crawling
Cloud scraping servers

We provide you with valid scraping data

By using our network of worldwide private proxies, artificial intelligence and our team of engineers, Crawler will make sure to provide you only with valid data 24/7.

We care for your business success.

Website data extractor

On demand scraping data delivery

You provide a webhook endpoint and the scraping data will be delivered there with your total control.

Pause and resume your ProxyCrawl crawlers based on your business budget and needs.

Website Scraping and Crawling
Cloud servers
Price scales with your business requirements
Simple pricing

For medium and big projects without hidden fees

No long-term contracts

Pause at any time and come back later when you need to crawl again

Only pay for success

You will only pay for successful requests

Unlimited proxies

Fully use of our proxy IPs and bandwidth

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Supporting all kind of projects

Used by the world’s most innovative businesses – big and small

  • Shopify scraping
  • Expedia scraping
  • H&M scraping
  • Pinterest scraping
  • Zurich scraping
  • Nike scraping
  • Yahoo scraping
  • University scraping
  • Interactive brokers Scraping
  • Oracle scraping
  • Samsung scraping
  • Standford scraping

Crawler product is trusted by more than 9,000 paying customers

Which crawled 1,176,827,187,001 unique pages anonymously

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