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general FAQs

Do you sell a list of proxies?

We want to offer more than just a list or lists of proxies, therefore our API and Crawler products are built on top of thousands of residential and datacenter worldwide proxies combined with artificial intelligence plus our engineering team which helps delivering the best data results possible. If you are looking just for proxies and you don't want to get any of the other benefits, we recommend that you use the Proxy Backconnect

How many proxies do you have?

We don't provide the number of proxies as it's constantly changing. Our team of network experts are constantly looking for new worldwide proxies and replacing fault ones, plus our artificial intelligence might use a smaller or bigger set of proxies depending on the site you are trying to crawl. If you are a proxy provider or have proxies to sell, please contact us as we are constantly growing our infrastructure.

I'm still getting blocked or captcha

We try our best to support every website. Please contact us to see how we can help.

Is my card data safely stored?

We don't store any card information. All the data is directly and securely stored with our payment partner Paddle which complies to all required worldwide payment regulations.

I'm a company, how can I add my VAT information?

Please, when authorizing your card details via the Settings and Billing page, after choosing your country, you will see a VAT number button on the bottom left corner of the floating window. There you can add your VAT details. If you already authorized your card details, you can do it again to add the VAT number.

How to change the billing email address?

Changing the billing email address is very easy. First of all head to the Account page and then proceed to authorize again your billing details. Once you click on the button to edit the billing details and the form appears, you will see in the bottom right corner that your email appears next to a button "Not you?". Click that button and use the email address that you want to use for the billing. Then finish your payment reauthorization to apply the new billing email.

Can I change my account email address?

No, you cannot change the account email address. If you need to do so, please create a new account with the new email and re-add your billing details to the new account. Don't forget to update your account tokens.

Is ProxyCrawl legal and safe?

ProxyCrawl doesn't support any illegal activities. Any account being used for illegal purposes will be automatically suspended and no money will be refunded. If you want to know if the data you are storing or the processes you do with such data are legal in your country, please consult with the appropriate person in your country of business operations as we cannot provide legal advice on each individual use case.

Is there a limit to the data size that we'll get?

there is no limit. The crawler will send back the full html of the page regardless of its size

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