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crawling API FAQs

Crawling api
Do I need to know how to code to use the Crawling API?

At the moment the only way to use ProxyCrawl is by integrating it to your product or service, therefore you will need to know development or know/pay someone which can help you. Please note that we have some very easy to integrate libraries.

Crawling api
Do you sell a list of proxies?

We want to offer more than just a list or lists of proxies, therefore our API and Crawler products are built on top of thousands of residential and data center worldwide proxies combined with artificial intelligence plus our engineering team which helps delivering the best data results possible. If you are looking just for proxies and you don't want to get any of the other benefits, we recommend that you use the Proxy Backconnect

Crawling api
How many proxies do you have?

We don't provide the number of proxies as it's constantly changing. Our team of network experts are constantly looking for new worldwide proxies and replacing fault ones, plus our artificial inteligence might use a smaller or bigger set of proxies depending on the site you are trying to crawl. If you are a proxy provider or have proxies to sell, please contact us as we are constantly growing our infrastructure.

Crawling api
Do the proxies rotate on every request?

Yes they do rotate on every request with a new IP. If you don't want that, you can use sessions, take a look at sessions here.

Crawling api
I'm still getting blocked or captcha

We try our best to support every website. Please contact us to see how we can help.

Crawling api
Is there any bandwidth limit?

No, all the Crawling API calls have unlimited bandwidth.

Crawling api
Can I use the free requests for javascript?

Yes you can use the free requests for javascript or normal requests.

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