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Easily integrate crawling in your apps.


Forget about hardware, infrastructure, proxies, setup, blocks, captchas…


We handle all that for you. Just call our API and get website data.


We literally support millions of different websites.

We support millions of other websites, just give it a try.

Crawl regular and javascript dynamically generated pages

With our API, you can crawl using real web browsers.

So even if the page is built using only javascript; React, Angular, Vue, Ember, Meteor, etc, we can crawl it, and provide you the HTML so you can easily scrape it.

Learn more about how to Crawl Javascript Websites.

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We avoid blocks and captchas for you

Thanks to our knowledge, artificial intelligence and our team of engineers, we constantly tweak and change our algorithms to avoid blocks and solve captchas for you.

We care for your crawling success.

Captcha solver

Capture and save screenshots

Capture screenshots

Keep track of the visual changes on all pages you crawl with an easy to use Screenshot API feature.

Get screenshots of the entire crawled pages in JPEG format, we'll save each of them in our system for up to an hour.

Easy to use API with instant setup

Start crawling websites in minutes thanks to the easy to use API built from developers to developers.

Simple integration with your favorite language and framework.

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Supporting all kind of projects

Used by the world’s most innovative businesses – big and small

  • Shopify scraping
  • Expedia scraping
  • H&M scraping
  • Pinterest scraping
  • Zurich scraping
  • Nike scraping
    • Yahoo scraping
    • University scraping
    • Interactive brokers Scraping
    • Oracle scraping
    • Samsung scraping
    • Standford scraping

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