Remember how you always work on different things throughout the day to not get burned out by repetitive tasks. Rotating proxies work similarly and, in turn, speeding up numerous tasks on the internet. For instance, web scraping and data discovery can be made most securely without getting caught!

What is proxy rotation?

Proxy rotation works by having a proxy server that assigns a new IP address to every connection from the pool of proxies. This type of variety allows for a more anonymous activity online. There are two kinds of proxies, dedicated and rotating. Dedicated ones are used just by one user while rotating proxies are the most exceptional. For rotating proxies, once a user is connected to a port, their traffic is routed to a proxy IP. The IP changes/rotates after a predetermined number of requests and/or time. For instance, if you run a program to send 10,000 connection requests to any number of sites and get 10,000 specific IP addresses.

How does IP address rotate?

IP Address

Internet Protocol (or IP) recognizes each device connected to the internet, similar to physical addresses where parcels, letters, and other goods can be delivered. IP address rotation is simple yet indispensable. It works by assigning a new IP for every connection and can send thousands of simultaneous requests to connect. Our proxy servers will rotate IPs each time. This is contrary to the 90s when you had to have scrape proxies and have a list of thousands of proxies because your work will go in vain when you run the script, as most IPs will be dead by then. Although you can make a DIY proxy rotator, I would advise you not to do it. You may use a service like ProxyCrawl‘s Smart backconnect proxy that offers peace of mind for proxy uptime and many connection requests. Our proxy does all the hard work for you with minimal effort.

Why use proxy rotation?

Proxy Rotation Use

Now that we know what proxy rotation is and how it works let’s learn how to put proxy rotation to work. We will try to cover as many cases as possible so that you can try out combinations.

Drive web traffic and increase SEO

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is optimizing a website to increase its visibility organically. If you are in a marketing or advertising environment, you probably understand how SEO can help lead new customers. Enhanced visibility interprets to higher clicks and, expectedly, higher sales.

How does this associate with your rotating process IP address? Factors like site traffic are considered when determining ranking by search engines like Google. This is just one of many factors to it. The higher your site traffic, the higher the chance for Google to realize the importance of your organization and bounce up the ranks.

Play a trick by not just sending the traffic straight to your website but through links—increase backlinks from authority sites that lead to your site. Then have a bot click on the link to get to your site with rotating proxies to work in your favor.

Bypassing restrictions

Proxies are so popular because they allow you to bypass geo-location constraints placed against online content. For instance, if you want to access a US website, but you live in India. Rotating proxies can help you escape geographical restrictions online. Proxies can help you play online games, stream content not available in your country, and scrape remote websites.

Bypassing geo-locations through proxies is the new way to virtually move to any other country on the planet. You can even buy the sneakers that are not available in your country and get them before they go out of stock.

Web scraping

Web scraping is a process of extracting content and data from websites using bots. It derives underlying HTML and the data stored in a database in it. Companies spend a lot of time scraping data manually. Still, a combination of web scraper and rotating proxies can help them send thousands of requests at once, which makes information gathering a quick task. Additionally, you scrape safely by using a new IP Address with each connection. This additional safety makes sure you are less likely to get banned from a website in a super-competitive website.

How to rotate IPs?

Rotate IPs

To understand proxy rotation in a better way or do it on your own, we suppose that you have already got a specific number of private proxies. To successfully rotate the IP addresses, you will need to exercise the following steps:

  1. CHECK YOUR PROXIES FOR RELIABILITY: Check each proxy for reliance and security as not all of them are the same before you move to the next steps.
  2. DIVIDE PROXIES INTO GROUPS: Divide the number of proxies into sizable groups as per requirement. If you have 1000 reliable proxies, you may divide them into 100 or 10 different IP groups. A general thumb rule is to have the most proxies and groups to efficiently browse the internet.
  3. ROTATE THOSE PROXY GROUPS: After a while, you can expect the addresses from your first group have probably started to get recognized as suspicious. To counter this, rotate to the next group of proxies, and you can begin browsing all over repeatedly.

There are numerous tools and options for you to use for DIY IP rotation. One of them is to use Python. You may use Python, which is generally a programming language, to help you in numerous queries, including scraping data and crawling websites. Particularly if you want to appear legitimate while using a bot for your scraping and crawling operations, you may have to consider rotating proxies using Python.

Although you may set-up proxies by following the steps mentioned above on your own to fulfill personal needs. But, if you are an organization, you will most probably have to manage hundreds of proxy groups. Doing all of this manually can be time and resource consuming.

Fortunately, you have other, significantly convenient options. You may acquire a proxy plan which comprises an IP rotation proxy. This is where ProxyCrawl can be an ingenious solution provider. If your organization needs a huge number of rotating proxies to achieve its goals, you will need a reliable IP rotation service.

While you can do everything on your own, from acquiring proxies to dividing and rotating them, you may also use ProxyCrawl’s Smart backconnect proxy. Nevertheless, if you forget to rotate a proxy group on time, which you can due to workload or any other issues, you may become a suspect of using the same IPs at periodic intervals.

An IP rotator service like that of ProxyCrawl‘s Smart backconnect proxy will practically rotate the IP addresses and Proxy groups randomly to not raise any suspicion of your online activity. It is a gateway proxy that rotates on more than a million residential and datacenter proxies. Just add the reverse backconnect proxy to your web crawler and stop worrying about proxy lists. We have got our engineers working behind the scenes so you don’t have to wait for anything important.

Now you know why you need a quality proxy rotation service. Whether you want to rank your post on Google’s first page, get those sneakers from another country or want privacy for your private work, having an elite proxy plan that is reliable is of the utmost business importance. We have simple pricing and no hidden fees and you may even try us for FREE.